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Learn everything about IntegrityNext and join us for a deep dive into our platform. 

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In our monthly 40 minute live webinar, we talk about all the relevant topics to help you get started and complete the assessments.

Scroll through our detailed tutorial video library and let our step by step guides take you through the platform or learn more in our deep dives.

Live Webinars

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We hold regular live webinars, each lasting 40 minutes, in which we explain all the important topics relating to IntegrityNext, the assessments and data privacy. 

Video Tutorials Library

Watching our Video Tutorials

Video Tutorial 1

Quick Starter Guide

Short webinar to learn everything you need to know to get the assessment done.

How to get started

How your data will be used

How to get the assessment done

How we will support you further

Video Tutorial 2

How we protect your data

Learn how carefully we treat your data and what the T&Cs consist of.

A deep dive into Data Security

Explaining the Terms and Conditions

Use of your certificates and responses

Multiple customer requests

Video Tutorial 3

How to complete your assessment

A walk through the different Compliance and Sustainability assessments.

Topic deep dive

How to answer the assessment

How to use the platform

Explaining the status logic


How to assess your own suppliers

Request your personal demo session on how to assess your own suppliers.

How to become a top-supplier

Your Supply Chain Responsibility

Inviting and monitoring your own suppliers

Your own Customer Success Manager

Video Tutorial 5 SMALL BUSINESS

Topic Deep Dive: Small Businesses

Receive individual tips for successfully answering the assessments

Creating your supplier profile

Documenting your business practice

Improving your status

Editing your sustainability profile

Video Tutorial 6 DIVERSITY

Topic Deep Dive: Diversity

Targeted guidance for responding to the diversity questionnaire

What is the topic about

Why it is important to your customer

Answering the assessment correctly

Understanding the status logic

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Tutorials and Webinars

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Have a look at our most frequently asked questions from our supplier community as a guide through our platform.

Get a step-by-step guide through our platform by watching our tutorials or by joining one of our live webinars.

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